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Everyone makes typos. This includes people writing documentation and comments, but it also includes programmers naming variables, functions, apis, classes, and filenames.

Programmer friendly

Often, programmers will use InitialCapitalization, camelCase, ALL_CAPS, or IDLCase when naming their things. When they do this, it makes it much harder for naive spelling tools to recognize misspellings, and as such, with a really high false-positive rate, people don't tend to enable spell-checking at all.

Unlike those traditional spell checkers, this one is able to handle all of those kinds of tokens.

What you get

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This feature should work well for small teams where everyone is a member of the org. It is not ready for repositories with lots of bots or where multiple non-members interact in PRs.

If you'd like to test this feature, but fall into these categories, you can try the prerelease branch.


Future work

The code


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